Silent Miner System  effectively eliminates loud fan operation in ANT ASIC MINERS and similar.

The most troublesome in home conditions is the high pitch sound that is generated by the high rpm rotating cooling fan blades. Thanks to the hard work of engineers, we managed to lower the noise level. The amount of air needed to cool down the processors is provided in excess, so device can work safely. Noise level was reduced to minimum.

Washing machine noise level was achieved.


Do the math.



550 m3/h


Energy consumption original fans


Energy efficient


Noise level:

33-47 dB/3m


Effectivity & Dynamic

Noise threshold on washing machine level

  • Low speed: 33dB | only 30 W | 405 m3/h
  • High speed: 44 dB | 60 W | 550 m3/h
  • S9 generates 78 dB – with normal operation
  • L3+ with normal operation generate all 65 dB
  • Easy principle of operation. If system is operating with factory settings, we use low speed. If we increase frequency of processors, we use high speed
silent miner


Time for new ideas

  • Aerodynamic translate engineering
  • High quality materials
  • High operating stability
  • Keeps processors in safe temperature


Innovativeness, that You can trust

  • Special modules, with original plugs, serve system’s communication with fans
  • Already at low speed system creates the quantity of air, which original fans archives at 77% of maximum power
  • Thanks to the high performance of the system, processors operate at a safe temperature
  • The system is very easy to use. A plug for 110/220 V

Why are miners making so much noise?

Crypto currencies miners have been designed to work in server rooms, where they have the right working environment, properly arranged air conditioning, connections, air filters, etc. Not everyone who wants to cut out a piece of “Crypto-cake” for himself, have such a server room. Hence, there are various ideas how to mute the fans’ noise to such a level that you can live with it. The manufacturer had a different priority – just cooling the system. A private miner wants to mine silently.


Silencing the miner

Our engineers approached the issue in terms of silencing the fans’ high pitch noise and succeeded. After appropriate calculations, it came to practical implementation of the studies. The measurements confirmed the calculations.

The SILENT MINER SYSTEM can be used with any ANT ASIC MINER miner. Also suitable for other similar construction miners with 120 mm fans. We have a stable and quiet miner.


Sample values of volume measurements

  • 20 dB Leaf noise, ticking watch
  • 30 dB Quiet whisper from 1 meter, library
  • 40 dB Quiet district, park
  • 50 dB Quiet office, quiet street
  • 60 dB Normal conversation from 1 meter distance
  • 70 dB Traffic jam, phone ring
  • 80 dB A busy street, alarm clock, car horn
  • 90 dB Machines in a factory from 1 meter distance
  • 100 dB Subway, motorcycle without a silencer
  • 110 dB ock music, weaving loom
  • 120 dB Pain threshold, thunder, disco
  • 130 dB Jet engine from 30 meters distance

ANT Miners noise levels

Comparison of the volume level of popular ANT miners. These are values for device operation at factory settings.

We compare:
the loudest ANT ASIC MINER S9 78 dB,
the most “calm” ANT ASIC MINER L3+ 65 dB and ours
Silent Miner system 46 dB solution after connecting to each of these devices. 

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ANT ASIC Miner factory setting
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