Silent Miner 1 – for ASIC Miner single fans

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Silent Miner reduces ASIC miner operating noise by more than 40%. Shipping up to 4 days…


A silent fan in the Silent Miner system reduces the miner operating noise by more than 40%.

Buying 2 items, you will pay for shipping only once !!!!   Shipping up to 4 days.

A silent fan System effectively eliminates loud fan operation in ASIC ANTMINERS and similar.

The high-pitched sound generated by the high RPM rotating cooling fan blades is the most troublesome in home conditions.

Thanks to the engineers’ hard work, we managed to reduce the noise level. The device is provided with an excess amount of air to cool down the processors, ensuring safe operation.

Silent-Miner works with devices that have 12 x 12 cm fans.

For 14 x 14 cm fans, please contact us.

We have solutions for double fans, Silent Miner v2.


The Silent Miner solution has been designed to ensure processors’ safety from overheating while reducing the level of noise emitted to the level of the washing machine. The effectiveness of the silent fan system is sensational. Miners that are overclocked don’t have any problems with the temperature even if the ambient temperature is higher than 25 °C.

Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 69 × 25 × 31 cm

110 V, 220 V

Fan Plug

Flat, Rectangular


500 – 550 m3/h

Air Pressur

250 – 350 Pa

Speed regulation

medium and maximum speed

4 reviews for Silent Miner 1 – for ASIC Miner single fans

  1. Sebastian W.

    I have been looking for way to get my miners quiet did try several diffrent ways to silence them. This was my last attempt to resolve noise issue. Silent miner gave me this solution simple and effective way to get my ASIC quiet. Great design really good peopole to work with will order additional silent miner solutions soon to make my mining farm quiet.

    Thank you

  2. Jason Lowry

    Yes the miner silencer is working fine! My miner l3+ is much cooler with the silentminersystem. Thank you very much!

  3. Gob Bluth

    Fantastic, I await great news once the next units come through customs.
    From 1 meter the rig registers 46 decibels. I have the fan locked to 20% and the fan set to high. My girlfriend no longer complains about the sound or heat.

  4. Stephen Sacco

    I got my units to work correctly, and frankly I am amazed with your product. The only issue I had was the time it took to deliver the units and some user errors.

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