FAQ Silent Miner - Silent fan for ASIC Miner

Undoubtedly, our carefully chosen silent fan for ASIC Miner serves as a game-changing solution,

  1. not only addressing the nuisance of high-pitched noises but also significantly enhancing the overall performance of your ASIC Miner. By integrating this silent fan into your mining setup, you can enjoy a more efficient cooling system.
  2. The innovative design of the silent fan ensures optimal airflow, effectively dissipating heat generated during the mining process. This improved cooling mechanism translates to a more stable operating temperature for your ASIC Miner, ultimately leading to heightened performance and prolonged hardware lifespan.
  3. In addition to its noise-reduction capabilities, the silent fan plays a crucial role in creating a conducive environment for your mining activities. The silent miner experience is now a reality, allowing you to carry out your mining operations without the disturbance of constant fan noise. This not only benefits the miner but also those sharing the space, fostering a more comfortable and productive mining environment.

With our silent fan solution, you can expect not only a quieter mining experience but also a cooler and more efficient ASIC Miner. Embrace the future of mining technology, where performance and tranquility coexist seamlessly for an unparalleled mining experience.


Assembling the silent miner

is an effortless process that even those with limited technical expertise can undertake with ease. The simplicity of the assembly is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for users.

All you need are basic tools such as a Phillips screwdriver and two Allen keys – specifically, 2.5 mm and 3 mm sizes.


Our comprehensive manual, included with the silent miner, serves as your step-by-step guide throughout the assembly process. Each stage is meticulously illustrated, making it easy for you to follow along and successfully attach the Silent Mining System to your ASIC Miner.

This user-friendly approach to assembly ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a silent and efficiently cooled mining system without the need for complex technical know-how. Emphasizing both ease of use and performance, our silent miner is tailored to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned mining enthusiasts.

By choosing our silent miner solution, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also the convenience of a straightforward assembly process. Experience the seamless integration of our Silent Mining System and elevate your mining setup to new heights of efficiency and tranquility.


Optimizing the performance of your miner through overclocking is a common aspiration for enthusiasts seeking to maximize their mining capabilities. In our rigorous testing process, we conducted thorough examinations on devices adhering to their factory settings. Surprisingly, rather than observing temperature increases, we experienced a notable decrease in chip temperature, stabilizing at approximately 47 °C.

Taking our experimentation to the next level, we pushed the boundaries by increasing the processor frequency to 120% of its original settings. Even with this heightened performance, the temperature remained impressively steady at 53 °C. It’s worth noting that these tests were conducted with the fan operating at a lower speed, demonstrating the efficiency of our silent fan solution.

Furthermore, these tests were performed under favorable conditions, where the ambient temperature did not exceed 25 °C. In the event of elevated external temperatures, we recommend consulting the attached instructions specifically tailored for your silent miner. These guidelines will provide you with precise settings to maintain optimal performance, ensuring that your silent miner operates seamlessly even in varying environmental conditions.

Embrace the power of overclocking with confidence, knowing that our silent fan not only maintains efficient cooling but also contributes to temperature stability, ultimately enhancing the overall performance of your ASIC Miner.