Silent Miner - ASIC Miner - ANT Miner - 8Q-Power

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Currently only 110 V motors are available.
With the adapter (SINGWAY SW-S12 100 WATT) it can be used with 220V.

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Silent Miner reduces miner operating noise by more than 40%. Shipping up to 4 days.

Silent Mining System effectively eliminates loud fan operation in ANT ASIC MINERS and similar.

The most troublesome in home conditions is the high pitch sound that is generated by the high rpm rotating cooling fan blades.

Thanks to the hard work of engineers, we managed to lower the noise level. The amount of air needed to cool down the processors is provided in excess, so device can work safely.

Silent-Miner works with devices that have 12 x 12 cm fans

The Silent Miner solution has been designed to ensure processors' safety from overheating, while reducing the level of noise emitted to the level of the washing machine. The effectiveness of the system is sensational. Miners that are overclocked don’t have any problems with the temperature. Even if the ambient temperature is higher than 25 °C.

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  • Stephen, New York

    I got my units to work correctly, and frankly I am amazed with your product. My girlfriend no longer complains about the sound or heat…
    Thank You, Stephen

  • Saulius, Lithuania

    Well at the end in my apartment is 25 db of sound. Very nice and quit.
    Everything works great, it’s going third months then your fan works without problems. Cheers.

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