Silent Miner 3EC – for ASIC Miner double fans

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Silent Miner 3EC, for ASIC miner double fans, reduces miner operating noise by more than 40%. Shipping up to 4 days..


The Silent Miner 3EC for ASIC Miner can reduce the operating noise of your miner by more than 40%.

If you buy two items, you will only have to pay for shipping once! Shipping usually takes up to four days.

The EC version has smooth speed control. It can blow up to 1200 m3/h of air. This allows the very efficient ASIC miner to be cooled.

Our Silent Mining System is specifically designed to eliminate the loud fan operation in ASIC ANTMINERS and similar devices.

We understand that the high-pitched noise generated by the rotating blades of the high-speed cooling fan can be very annoying when used at home.

Silent Miner do podwójnego wentylatora

That’s why our engineers have spent many hours simulating optimal airflow to lower the noise level.

The amount of air needed to cool down the processors is provided in excess, ensuring that the device can work safely without generating too much noise. Your ASIC miner can feel safe.

The Silent-Miner is compatible with devices that have 12 x 12 cm fans.

For 14 x 14 cm fans, please get in touch with us.

We also offer a solution for single fans, which you can find as the Silent-Miner 1

Upgrading your ASIC Miner to a Quiet ASIC Miner is easy with our Silent Fan for ASIC Miner solution

The effectiveness of the silent fan is sensational, allowing overclocked miners to run smoothly even if the ambient temperature is higher than 25 °C.

The device is compatible with a wide range of miners, including: S17, S19, T2, T17, T19, D7, L3, L7, A1, A10, A11, KD2, KD5, KD6, E1, E9, CK5, Z11, Black2b and many others with the same design

For more efficient ASIC miners that generate more heat, we prepare this version with more efficient motors.

Please see the additional information in the tab opposite


Weight 5,3 kg
Dimensions 69 × 25 × 31 cm

110 V, 220 V

Fan Plug

Flat, Rectangular

Fan diameter

200 mm


385 – 1200 m3/h

Air Pressur

120 – 580 Pa

Speed regulation

smooth speed control from 650 to 3000


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