Filter Box for Silent Miner


This Filter Box for Silent Miner, is very effective in preventing, a layer of dust, forming on miner’s motherboards and processors.

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Filter Box for Silent-Miner

While replacing the graphics card in the computer, the amount of dust inside the device caught our attention.

We decided to check the situation in our miners. They works 24 hours a day. Most people pay attention to a lot of airflow to keep the temperature on the processors low.

What if there is a layer of dust on the components?
The heat transfer to the flowing air is very limited. We know from conversations with our clients that most of them do not the basic blowing service.

Do not allow dirt, worms or anything else to enter in the miner device.

The Filter Box is designed to be attached to the front of the air-supplied device. It does not need to be screwed in.

Fits: Antminer S3, S5, S5 +, S7, S9, T9, T9 +, L3 +, L3 ++, A3, E3, X3, B3, V9, D3 and any size 6″ 120mm fans.

Below you can see an air filter that has been attached to the inlet of the miner for 2 months. Miner is in the garage where the gate opens twice a day.

The filter element can be replaced in one minute.


Miners are designed to work in the server room, which is equipped with air conditioning and filtered air.

The conditions at home are different. That’s why we designed a cover for the intake fan. An important criterion for us was the simplicity of installing and replacing the filter. It is enough to put it on the fan where the fan protection is already installed. And that’s all. FilterBox makes Silent Miner even more efficient.

Good cooling is not only about fast airflow. Good cooling also means taking care of good heat exchange between the processor and the air.
Dusty components effectively block this heat transfer.

Make sure that your components do not need an excessive amount of air for cooling. Which is associated with higher energy consumption..

This Filter Box is designed and tested for 12 cm fans.


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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 15 cm
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