2 alternative firmware updates for Antminer

ANT Miner

Boost Your Antminer with Alternative Firmware Update for Maximum Performance

To better be able to configure your Antminer, we present alternative firmware for your ASIC miner. We have personally been working on the Blissz solution for many years.

One week we test asicFW. So far flawless. This company also provides alternative firmware update for other miner models from ANT:

  • S17 & T17
  • S17 +
  • S17E
  • T17 +
  • T17E
  • S / S9J / S9I
  • L3 + / ++
  • D3
firmware update, custom firmware

Alternative firmware update 
Antminer L3+ Blissz v1.02

It is one of the best known alternatives on the market for ASIC machines. Blissz, it offers firmware update for antminer in an interesting and useful version. You get a lot of cool options that are not in the stock firmware..

Upgrade instructions:

  • Recommended, at your current firmware, set the miner frequency at 350mhz before flashing.
  • Download the custom firmware. (don’t unpack xxx.tar)
  • Flash by going to “System” -> “Upgrade” -> “Flash new firmware image” and select the custom firmware.
  • When the reboot is complete: please clear your browser cache or use ctrl + F5, if you don’t see the pages  properly loaded
  • Then check the advanced settings page and set the global values to the lowest voltage setting and 375mhz. From there increase your frequency to see how high you can go at the lowest voltage setting.

v1.02 L3+ version 14/01/2018:

  • adds power usage (Watt) indication per chain in the mining status overview. Really useful for if you don’t own a wattage meter
  • cleaned kernel logging when not using all the pools
  • cleaned API code for faster miner status update speed.
v1.02 L3+ version 14/01/2018
firmware update, custom firmware

Alternative Firmware Update

A custom firmware for antminer software update will allow you to fully reveal all the capabilities of your machine! Even the hidden and hard-to-reach ones. It is these options that give you the opportunity to tailor your miner’s work to the needs of the situation.

The developers’ fee is not more than ~1.8% of the total hash rate. And for large farms there are special conditions.

  • Improve energy efficiency up to 40% (L3+ 1.2W/1MH)
  • 650W 520MH ….. 1050W 650MH
  • Automated settings by consumption or performance profile;
  • Selection of the voltage and frequency for the payload automatically and manually;
  • Fine tuning of frequencies individually by chips, possibility to start in work faulty payments;
  • Built-in web interface Wattmeter, available via API;
  • Frequency up to 650Mhz, above 500Mhz only for immersion cooling;
  • Fan control, deactivation of fan control for immersion immersion cooling – no need to cooler emulator anymore;
  • Watchdog on temperature, chip loss, hash rate;
  • Parallel Dev fee mining, without stoppages and suspension of main mining;
  • Compatible with all control and monitoring systems, API;
  • Fix Btc tools and other compatibility.

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